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Visual Studio 2010 Unable To Determine Name

Anonymous Thanks for the article Thanks for the article Anonymous Condition on shortcut Hi everyone, Do you know if it is possible to put a condition on a shortcut? TIPIf you select the Remember me check box you won’t have to enter your credentials the next time you connect. In the Save of Read-Only File dialog box, choose Overwrite to remove the write-protection from the file. The best thing you can do isdelete the oldsolution file,create a new project and then try opening each project under the new solution. have a peek at this web-site

If the poster gets a prize, who gets it, the person presenting it or the first author? When you use a local workspace, you get the following advantages: Work offline easily. All Visual Studio subscriptions and paid Team Services users include a TFS CAL. But the problem is I am not able to call one function in which few data are stored in list from third application.

If you are using Project, on the Team menu, choose Publish Changes. Thanks. You can check out files only from Solution Explorer, and only after you switch to offline mode (as explained below).

Executing the following command-line. (workingFolder = D:\Agent\_work\28\s\CRM\Main\MyCompany.CRM.Integration) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.com" MyCompany.CRM.Integration.Service.Setup\MyCompany.CRM.Integration.Service.Setup.vdproj /build debug /project MyCompany.CRM.Integration.Service.Setup Error message highlight pattern: Warning message highlight pattern: Microsoft (R) Visual Studio Version Related articles Also in .NET Posting Form Content via JavaScript Web-based applications run smoother if instead of using the traditional form method, they use JavaScript to post data to the server On the Action menu, choose Add, Project Output In the Add Project Output Group dialog box, select the renamed configuration from the Configuration list. So if you want to install a file only on the Windows NT/2000/XP series, you can condition the file install on the VersionNT property.

When you access the server for the first time, a Windows Identity dialog box will appear. Visual Studio puts the shortcut in the same location in the IDE (the application folder), but you can then select it and cut and paste it to its required location, such See Also Files, Folders, and Deployment | Adding and Removing Project Outputs in the File System Editor | Configuration Manager Dialog Box Show: Inherited Protected Print Export (0) Print Export (0) He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

Figure 16 shows an install custom action configured in the IDE, calling a custom action that is a VBScript consisting of this single line of code: 1 msgbox Session.Property ("CustomActionData") Figure El Bruno El Bruno Twitter #Podcast – Mis experiencias después de un año grabando podcasts elbruno.com/2016/12/23/pod… https://t.co/4HBmSzOLTL 2hoursago RT @bowenp1: Great to see @Accenture and @AvanadeInc rated at the top of the On the Plug-in Selection page, confirm that Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is selected. View all articles by Phil Wilson Anonymous figures missing Most of the figures in this article seem to be missings.

Figure 14 shows a launch condition requiring an MDAC version greater than Your client remembers the set of connections you’ve configured. The activation request failed with error ‘The system cannot find the file specified’. [#WINDOWS8] HowTo: Ampliar el disco de tu #SurfacePro con una SD Card (en modo DIOS!) [#VS2015] HowTo: Show Similarly, you can use the VersionNT property as a launch condition.

If you can't connect, get added as a team member. Check This Out Is there any way this can me automated ? From Solution Explorer you can add, edit, delete, rename, undo, and compare items in your workspace even when you're not connected to your Team Foundation Server. Find out how to automate the process of building, testing and deploying your database changes to reduce risk and speed up the delivery cycle.

You can quickly switch from one team project to another from the Connect page. This behavior sometimes takes developers by surprise when they want to install a product and then remove unwanted files or registry entries, so take resilience into account when designing a setup. Either the group, its configuration, or its project may have been removed from the solution. ------ Pre-build validation for project 'MyCompany.CRM.Integration.Service.Setup' completed ------ ------ Build started: Project: MyCompany.CRM.Integration.Service.Setup, Configuration: Debug ------ Source Within that collection, one or more team projects may be defined.

In any case, I have the .dll set to vsdraCOM and the .tlb file set to vsdrfCOM. You should see an article with all the images. 11. When you add or delete files outside of Visual Studio, the program automatically detects these changes.

The InstallUrl is a link to where the framework can be downloaded.

This GUID should not be confused with the ProductCode or UpgradeCode GUIDs. You can now modify the information even if you are offline, disconnected from the team project or network. On the File menu, choose Save. Their principal drawback is that they hide some of the more complex functionality of Windows Installer.

share|improve this answer answered Nov 28 '08 at 0:09 jageall 36115 Implementing Wix is in my TODO list. –El Padrino Nov 28 '08 at 13:32 add a comment| Your Anonymous Demo Files Hi Thanks for the details provided, but i faced one problem in this. Related 26What does the EXE do in the Visual Studio setup project output145Visual Studio setup problem - 'A problem has been encountered while loading the setup components. have a peek here Q: How does a local workspace work?

You can also add the batch file commands in the development project under the project properties, compile tab and clicking on the BUILD EVENTS button. Choose OK, and then edit your solution files. So it’s not an overwrite, it’s exactly as if a user uninstalled the previous version and then installed the newer version. Figure 8 Search for a Windows Installer component A Windows Installer component is the basic unit of installation in any MSI install.

Figure 5 shows you how to do this using the registry view in the IDE. The exception is "Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface" It is weird that all the commands I am calling successfully except this one where I am thanks,Forrest Guo | MSDN Community Support | Feedback to manager Proposed as answer by Forrest GuoModerator Monday, July 02, 2012 7:37 AM Unproposed as answer by sxavier007 Monday, July 02, 2012 Open IE and type Ctrl-O (for File Open). 9.

Anonymous Images None the less the writer can’t expect all readers to correct his broken links 😉 After all it works this way.. These choices have one thing in common: They create a property if the search is successful, and the resulting property value tells you something about what the search found.