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We Are Unable To Connect To The Schema Repository

After all users have been added click OK in the ClearQuest User Administration dialog and finally click Yes to save user accounts. 2.4 Create ClearQuest User Database Start ClearQuest Designer as However, it may be necessary to create several master repositories in one of the following cases: Project construction over several sites not linked by a high-speed network (off-site development, for example). After step 11, the UCMInterop schema is checked out and the package is applied to the Defect and UCM_Project record types.[3] Open the State Transition Matrix for the Defect record type To verify this behavior, follow the steps outlined below: Create some changes in the merge workspace for a synchronized stream in Rational Team Concert. have a peek here

Upon sync, the CC Connector sync algorithm creates UCMUtilityActivity record with ID SAMPL00000019 in ClearQuest and sets it as a UCM activity. Select from the Items list the Master Repository Creation Wizard. Instead, it adds summary information of all Work Items that contribute to this change to the new UCMUtilityActivity record's description field. When asked if you want to check out the new schema, click No.

Attaching a Work Repository To attach a work repository to a master repository: In the Topology Navigator, go to the Repositories panel. Click Connection->New from the menu bar. Open the cqconnector.properties file using a text editor. NOTE: The complete execution log has been saved in C:\DOCUME~1\\LOCALS~1\Temp\2\cqdbsetup_status_.txt for your reference.

However, this single change set is associated with both Work Item 7 and Work Item 8. This repository is stored on a relational database accessible in client/server mode from the different Oracle Data Integrator modules. When this change set is brought over into Rational Team Concert, the CC Connector sync algorithm creates a new incoming change set. Disable package editing for a ClearQuest administrative user by running the following packageutil command in a command window: packageutil enablepackageediting -dbset -disable

mypass corresponds to a password for these logins. This note uses a schema based on the out-of-the-box UCM Schema bundled with ClearQuest and applies the JazzInterop package to its UCM_Project and Defect record types.[2] An MS-ACCESS schema repository database Re: OBJM_54538 - Unable to connect to repository on database Joyce Yu Jan 27, 2015 6:20 PM (in response to Nico Heinze) oracle XE is not supported? User-oriented design ?

Enter the following single property in the this file: -password=ccsync NOTE: The password for the ClearCase Sync User was ccsync in Section 2.3 Create ClearQuest Users For Use With CC/CQ Connector. Subsequently, SAMPL00000002 is set as a UCM activity and a new change set is recorded against it in ClearCase. Note that the parameters JDBC Driver and URL are synchronized and the default values are technology dependant. For Vendor, click MS_ACCESS.

The standard method for creating repositories is using Repository Creation Utility (RCU). Click Finish. Re: OBJM_54538 - Unable to connect to repository on database sujata kumari Jan 26, 2015 11:28 PM (in response to Joyce Yu) Hi Joyce,Can you please share the o/p of :ldd The papers address the following issues: { Consistency of evolving concurrent information systems { Adaptive speci cations of technical information systems { Change propagation in schema evolution of object-based systems {

Verify this by looking under Actions (in States and Actions folder) for these record types.[top] [4]We need to do this to plug a process difference between the state model of a Start ClearQuest Designer Login as admin with no password. Erasing a work repository consists of deleting the work repository from the database. Select Erase from Database.

Please contact your ClearQuest administrator for assistance. Click Exit to close ClearQuest Maintenance Tool. Run the server.startup.bat batch file. Check This Out I mean, what you say is valuable and everything.

In the New Gallery, in the Categories tree, select ODI. NOTE: Do not create any user databases yet. Register the latest JazzInterop package to ClearQuest by running the following packageutil command in a command window (NOTE: At the time of writing this note, 1.06 was the latest revision of

Verify that incoming changes in ClearCase are associated with a UCM Activity linked to a new UCMUtilityActivity record in ClearQuest.

The work repository is erased from the database and is deleted from the Repositories panel in Topology Navigator. 3.8.3 Renumbering Repositories Renumbering a repository consists of changing the repository ID and For Logon Name, enter admin. Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility Network HomeInformatica.comCommunitiesBig Data ManagementBig Data Management EditionBig Data ParserBig Data Management Trial EditionCloud IntegrationCloud Renumbering a Work Repository To renumber a work repository: In the Topology Navigator, go to the Repositories panel.

Click Database->Update User Database Properties from the menu bar. Give the connection some descriptive name (For example, MyCQConnection). We are going to use the list of user databases from the last time a successful connection was made. This note assumes that the following products/components have already been installed on the host system and are ready for use: Rational ClearCase (referred to as ClearCase henceforth) Rational ClearQuest (referred to

Enter the appropriate value for the password and click "Next" The user will be prompted to enter the Logon Name and Password for a user with super user privileges to modify Perhaps I will build this in as a preliminary check when I run Get-WmiObject as a sanity check. 5 years ago Reply v_2prajh Nice article!!! Choose UCMInterop schema from the list of schemas and click Next. This type of repository is suitable for development environments.

Click Advanced Properties. Problem is we can't leave the web server logged in and running all day so we setup Tomcat to run as a service. A development repository includes also the run-time objects (scenarios and sessions).