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Wow Unable To Disband Arena Team

SaveView(index) - Replaces the specified (1-5) predefined camera positions with the current camera position. RemoveGlyphFromSocket(socketID) - Removes the Glyph from the desired Socket. PlaceAction(slot) - Drops an action from the cursor into the specified quickbar slot. Auction Edit CalculateAuctionDeposit(runTime, stackSize, numStacks) - Returns the required deposit for the current selling item given the specified duration (1=12h, 2=24h, 3=48h).

Equipment Edit Equipment management was added in 3.1.2. And.....»us.blizzard.com/support/ ··· uery=pvpquote: If you are currently on an Arena team and wish to quit the team, use one of the following commands depending on your Arena team size:/teamquit 2v2/teamquit 3v3/teamquit GetAreaSpiritHealerTime() - Returns the time left until the next resurrection by the Sprit Guide. ExpandFactionHeader(index) - Expand a faction header row.

I've never had issues with this before, and familiar with Arena Teams leaving and joining The team name is "Undread" and it is in the 2v2 Bracket. IsAutoRepeatAction(slot) - Return 1 if an action is auto-repeating, nil otherwise. Now, since there is no current arena season, I am also unable to disband or hand over captaincy to sort out this issue.

I currently have a ticket open but am trying to take advantage of the Free Character Migration Option and this error comes up and prevents me from doing so. See /friends. /unignore [player] Remove [player] or your current target from your ignore list. More Party / Raid Commands Edit /df Dungeon Finder (the new lfg tool introduced in 3.3) /lfr Looking For Raid (tool) /i, /inv, /invite [player] Invites [player] or your current target. CanComplainInboxItem(index) - determines if we should show the 'report spam' button on a mail item ComplainChat(lineID) - complains about a particular line of chat spam ComplainInboxItem(index) - complains about a particular

IsAuctionSortReversed("type", "sort") - Returns 1 if the specified auction list and sort is reversed, nil otherwise. HasLFGRestrictions() - Returns whether the player is in a random party formed by the dungeon finder system. IsMouselooking() - Returns 1 if mouselook is currently active, nil otherwise. Reason: Needs update for Patch 5.4. An Arena team is a team of 2, 3 or 5 players formed to compete in the Arena PvP system.

IsAddOnLoadOnDemand(index or "AddOnName") - Test whether an AddOn is load-on-demand. I've tried /teamquit (2v2) ive tried everything any tips would be appreciated · actions · 2011-Jan-12 10:09 pm · Josofjoin:2010-10-23Virginia Beach, VA Josof Member 2011-Jan-12 11:21 pm cant confirm right now, See Console variables. /run, /script script Runs script as Lua script. IsMouseButtonDown([button or "button"]) Buff / Debuff Edit PROTECTED CancelUnitBuff("unit", index or "spell" [,"filter" or "rank"]) - Removes a specific buff from the player.

MoveViewOutStart() - Begins zooming the camera out. When the command is issued, the next time a player uses a flight master to travel, certain statistics will be measured and displayed at the end of that flight. If a team's matchmaking or standard rating is significantly higher than yours, you will not lose any team rating for losing a match, although you may lose matchmaking rating. NOCOMBAT PickupPetAction(slot) - Drags an action from the specified pet action bar slot into the cursor.

GetActionTexture(slot) - Gets the texture path for the specified action. ChannelBan("channel", "name") - Bans a player from the specified channel. GetNextAchievement(achievementID) GetNumComparisonCompletedAchievements() GetNumCompletedAchievements([guildOnly]) - Returns total and completed number of achievements, or only guild. EquipmentManagerUnignoreSlotForSave(slot) - removes the ignore flag from a slot when saving an equipment set.

NOCOMBAT SetBinding("key"[, "command"[, mode]]) - Sets or unsets key bindings. (2.0 - Can not be used in combat.) NOCOMBAT SetBindingSpell("KEY", "Spell Name") - Set a key binding directly to a spell, Battlefield Edit AcceptAreaSpiritHeal() - Accept a spirit heal. IsUsableAction(slot) - Return 1 if an action can be used at present, nil otherwise. Calling functions via macro or command line: /run BNSetMatureLanguageFilter(true) /run local x=GetAccountExpansionLevel(); SendChatMessage(x) Account Edit GetAccountExpansionLevel() - Returns registered expansion. (0=WoW, 1=BC, 2=WotLK, 3=Cata, 4=Mists, 5=Warlords, 6=Legion) These functions only return

ResetView(index) - Resets the specified (1-5) predefined camera position to its default if it was changed using #SaveView(index). Similarly, losing against a weaker team will hurt your rating more than losing against superior enemies. GetCoinText(amount, "separator") - Breaks down money and inserts separator strings. (added 2.4.2) GetCoinTextureString(amount[, fontHeight]) - Breaks down money and inserts texture strings.

EquipmentManagerClearIgnoredSlotsForSave() - removes the ignore flag from all slots when saving an equipment set.

RandomRoll(low, high) - Does a random roll between the two values. The raid leader will get feedback in 30 seconds on all the players who were not ready or who did not respond. ConfirmSummon() - Accepts a summon request. GetPreviousAchievement(achievementID) - Return previous related achievements.

IsActionInRange(slot,[unit]) - Test if an action is in range (1=yes, 0=no, nil=not applicable). CallCompanion("type", slotid) - Summons a companion. You can help expand it by clicking Edit to the right of the section title. NOCOMBAT SetOverrideBinding(owner, isPriority, "KEY" [,"COMMAND"]) - Set (or clear) an override key binding.

MoveViewUpStart() - Begins rotating the camera upward. PlaceAuctionBid("type", index, bid) - Place a bid on the selected auction item. CloseAuctionHouse() - Will close the AuctionFrame if opened. OK Learn More Curse Help Recent News from MMO-Champion Dec 22 Upcoming Patch 7.1.5 Class Changes, Patch 7.1.5 Micro-Holidays, Tweets, WowCraft #32 Dec 20 Achievement - The Rat Pack, WoW Pet

By further browsing you consent to such use. AddOn Edit DisableAddOn(index or "AddOnName") - Disable the specified AddOn for subsequent sessions. This page is a list of slash commands. NOCOMBAT SetOverrideBindingSpell(owner, isPriority, "KEY", "spellname") NOCOMBAT SetOverrideBindingClick(owner, isPriority, "key", "buttonName" [, "mouseClick"]) - Sets an override binding that acts like a mouse click on a button.

NOCOMBAT SetOverrideBindingItem(owner, isPriority, "KEY", "itemname") NOCOMBAT SetOverrideBindingMacro(owner, isPriority, "KEY", "macroname"|macroid) NOCOMBAT ClearOverrideBindings(owner) - Reset all overrides belonging to an owner. GetBarberShopTotalCost() - Returns the total costs of the cosmetic changes. GetBlockChance() - Returns the player's percentage block chance. CanJoinBattlefieldAsGroup() - returns nil if the player can not do a group join for a battlefield.

May not help, but can't hurt and will allow troubleshooting without any possibility something in your UI is interfering.To do a full reset UI, you will want to save your addons Logout - Logs the user out of the game. In addition, 2v2 and 3v3 teams are subject to a handicap where they receive less points than a 5v5 team with the same Team Rating.[1] References Edit ^ a b c CursorHasMoney() - true/false CursorHasSpell() - true/false DeleteCursorItem() - Destroys the item on the cursor.

GetNumBankSlots() - Returns total purchased bank bag slots, and a flag indicating if it's full. Trollbane Turalyon Twilight's Hammer Vashj Vek'nilash Xavius Zenedar Reply Yria 85 Troll Shaman 7720 7 posts Yria Ignored 02 Oct 2012 Copy URL View Post Hi, I'm trying to faction